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Selling Mom and Dad’s House – Inherited Property


Selling an inherited property does not have to be a daunting undertaking. At DLA Home Solutions, we have made the selling process simple and efficient. We work with individuals that have inherited many types of properties. Property types such as Land, Condos, SFR’s, Multi-Family and Apartment Complexes. We work with individuals who live in the state where the inherited property is located, we also work with individuals who live in a state that is different than the subject property.


When an individual passes away leaving a property, the question will definitely arise as to how his/her property or estate will be dealt with by those he/she left behind. A person is normally said to have died testate if he/she left a Will at the time of his/her death and a person is said to have died intestate if such a person died without leaving a Will. When a person passes away testate, things are a bit easier. His/her Personal Representative (PR) will we need to apply and obtain a grant of Probate which merely validates his Will and allows the Personal Representative/Executors to carry out or effectuate the wishes of the testator e.g. distributing the property according to the wishes of the testator. However, where a person died intestate, his personal representative will apply for Letters of Administration to deal with his estate, which might be a bit complex, hence the imperative to write or make a Will.


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